Photography Session Guide

 We are so excited to welcome you to the Wyoming Pet Photography family! Check out some tips and tricks for your upcoming photo session below:

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  • Plan to have your dog groomed or at least brushed out before the session. We suggest taking your dog to the groomer either the day of, or day before, if possible.

    • For sessions including water shots, or for those excessively drooly pups, we suggest bringing along towels for clean-up!

  • Please take your dog on a thorough walk or activity an hour before the session, as this can help them settle for their big modeling day.

    • If possible, arrive at least 15 minutes early for your session to allow the dog to explore the area and get comfortable in their surroundings

    • If your session is scheduled for a time early in the morning, try feeding them breakfast in an enriching way to get their mind working. Some ideas are by feeding in a slow feeder bowl or use their kibble as a reward during a short training session.

  • If there are multiple dogs for the session, we prefer that you have at least two people (including yourself) to handle the dogs. We do have an assistant that will join the session for assistance in handling, if needed.

    • You will be primarily handling your dog, unless requested otherwise

      • At times, it can be helpful if your dog is handled by someone else, which is where our assistant comes in handy! We may ask you to take a step away and stand behind or next to me, helping us get your pups attention.

  • Some of our clients will pack a ‘doggy bag’ for their shoot, with essentials to keep your dog (and you!) happy and engaged during the session!

    • Doggy Poo Bags

    • Water + Bowl

    • Favorite Toys

    • Favorite Treats

    • Extra Towels

    • Brush or Comb

    • Bug Spray

  • We primarily use hot-dogs as an enticing snack for dogs - please inform us beforehand if your dog is not supposed to have hot-dogs and we can come up with an alternative snack.

  • We will not photograph dogs wearing any harnesses, head halters, prong collars or e-collar (shock) collars. Although your dog may be easier to handle with the mentioned gear, they can distract from the final photograph. Many of our clients prefer photographs without collars on as well, so we can provide slip-leads as these can be edited out in post-processing.

    • Your dog is allowed to be leashed for the session.

  • During the summer months, please remember to apply sunscreen and bug-spray just before the session. We will bring bug spray to the session as well, as the mosquitos are in full force this summer/fall.

  • We all now how temperamental the weather can be in Wyoming, so please prepare for the elements!

  • We always encourage owners to jump in some of the images with their pets. Please remember to wear neutral colors with not too many patterns.

  • Most importantly, remember to relax and let the good times roll! This is going to a fun and memorable time with your dog!