In Memory of Angel & Gidget

A warm, fun, and eventful afternoon took place with an amazing person and her two dogs, Angel and Ripley. We trekked through tall grasses in the beautiful wilderness of the Laramie range and took lots of magical photographs along the way. I never expected a young, high-energy, and deaf dog to take to the camera so well. Let's not forget about Angel, a sweet and quiet little girl who, unfortunately, is no longer with us. You can tell how happy Angel is throughout the whole session, a sweet smile on her face and a wagging tail complimented her attitude all day long. Not only did we get some incredible images, many of these photographs pictured are now beautifully hung around their owner's home. She will have memories that will last a lifetime of her sweet Angel and Ripley. I hope you all enjoy these magical memories.

In memory of Angel & Gidget. 

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If you have a senior or chronically ill pet, we offer remembrance sessions for a discounted price. Please contact us for more information.