A note about Deuce:

Oh Deucey-boy! He has been at the shelter for quite awhile now, and his pictures weren't so great. I took them when he first came to the shelter and it didn't seem to do him any justice. Today I decided to give him a new look on the website and I hope it helps! When I walked up to Deuce's kennel, he waited patiently with a wagging tail for me to open the door. As I opened the door, he stood there and waited for me to clip the leash to his collar and then calmly walked out of the kennel. We headed to the back door without too much pulling and went outside. He happily sniffed the ground and ran around on a retractable leash, hardly ever pulling me. As I got to a spot where I could take his picture, I offered him a treat and he immediately sat down. After only a few seconds, he became impatient and started to jump up. I gave him the treat and he looked up to me for another. After I got a few shots, I walked him around for awhile and he gladly went potty outside. When we came back inside, he walked straight into his kennel without any hassle and allowed me to remove the leash. 

Deuce is a wonderful boy and has made an amazing transition from when he first arrived at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter in November of 2013. He is allowed out in the play groups every morning with the other dogs, but he does tend to play a little rough. We recommend that he goes to a home without cats or small children because of his tendency to be rambunctious. Deuce is an amazing dog, he just needs to find the right owner! Will you please help Deuce find his forever home?